[Advaita-l] (Advaita-1)-Jiva's abode during deep sleep.

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Hare Krishna

In deep sleep,the Mandukya upaishath clearly states that the jiva is 
merged with Ishwara,but it is a state of "ajnana".

>  The hetu for this not knowing (jnAnAbhAva) in sushupta is 'ekatva' 
clearly clarifies shankara.

The karika states that
the jiva is 'bijanidra yutah".This state is with the state of 
"sleep"that is "ignorance".

>  here beeja nidra is not avidyAbeeja..Sri SSS clarifies this doubt in 
paramArtha chitAmaNi and 'rahasya vivrutti'.

That is why the "jiva"cannot see or aware of 

>  he cannot see or aware of brahman or his svarUpa because of 'ekatva' 
again clarifies shankara in chAndOgya by giving the 'honey' example. 

The Mandukya clearly states that the fourth state,the 
'caturtha avastha"is "all awareess"ad states that"Sa Atma, sa 
Vijneyah".The karika also further explains this.

>  again tureeyAvasthA is not a separate state, it is the samyak darshana 
or samyaK bhAva of the realized ones. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

.If in the state of deep sleep,there is 'Ajnana"why is it the Jiva cannot be aware of this?If it is "Eki Bhava"why is it that this state is with "Bija nidra"?What is "bija nidra"What causes this "Bija nidra"?It is certainly ignorance or :"Ajnana"of the 'Turiya"which is "Brahman".If it is not, the Jiva would have come to know of this state.It is in the Fourth state that the "Mandukya"defines as "Sa Atma sa Vijneyah"which defines the "Turiya"as different from other states.The Upanishath states,"Na anta prajnah,na bahisprajnah,na ubhayata prajnah......"Otherwise there was no need for this "Mantra".
More over,the Upanishath defines clearly the seats of the other three states,Vaishvanara,Taijasa and Prajna,Where as "Turiya"is both "amatra"and "Caturtha"state.No where it is said in the Upanishath that the fourth state is the "Samyag bhava'or "Samyag darshana'of the realised ones.

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