[Advaita-l] (Advaita-1):Jiva's abode during deep sleep.

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I understand:
Jiiva is a notion in the mind
as I am this - In deep sleep state the mind is folded and therefore all the notions
are also in the subtle state. 
What remains is pure witnessing
consciousness - witnessing the kaaraNa shariira - which is ignorance at the
individual level and maayaa at the macro level.  The absence  of the mind is recognized
by the waking mind when it is awake when it declares that 'I slept very well and I do not know
anything' - that includes space and time too.
I would
say the jiiva notion is folded with the mind in the deep sleep state and become
active with the waking. Jnaani sleeps as jnaani and ajnaani sleeps as ajnaani.
Notional minds in both cases are folded. In the case of jnaani the mind with
the knowledge that I am Brahman is folded and in the case of jiiva notion that
I am a jiiva is folded.
Hari Om!

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>In deep sleep,the Mandukya upaishath clearly states that the jiva is 
>merged with Ishwara,but it is a state of "ajnana".The karika states that
>the jiva is 'bijanidra yutah".This state is with the state of 
>"sleep"that is "ignorance".That is why the "jiva"cannot see or aware of 
>"Brahman".The Mandukya clearly states that the fourth state,the 
>'caturtha avastha"is "all awareess"ad states that"Sa Atma, sa 
>Vijneyah".The karika also further explains this.
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