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 Not sure all that explanation is necessary to justify that ajnaani sleeps as
ajnaani and jnaani sleeps as jnaani. 
First when there is nothing
other than Brahman, there is no question of merging or not merging. 
Jnaanam and ajnaanam are both
in the vyavahaara state only. 
identified with the mind has the misunderstanding that  I am a jiiva.
the mind is folded - who is ignorant? and who is jnaani? - when the mind, the instrument to
recognize the ignorance or knowledge is folded? Absence of the mind is
recognized as absence of everything and therefore jnaanam and ajnaanam both are
folded with the mind that has jnaanam or ajnaanam. This is true not only for
self-knowledge but for any knowledge - that includs all objective knowledge. I may
have lot of Ph.Ds. but in deep sleep all that knowledge is folded with the
mind. When awake, with the mind all the knowledge also comes back. Pure
witnessing consciousness that is there even in deep-sleep state need not have
to realize, as it is neither jnaani or ajnaani. The mind that is folded or awake being inert, by itself cannot realize. Mind supported by chidaabhaasa
is the one who has wrong notions and required jnaanam - tat tvam asi to the teaching of that chidaabhaasa who is identifying only with the local BMI to
recognize I am everything and beyond everything. Hence mind is emphasized for jnaanam too. 
In that sense jnaanam is
associated with the mind and jnaani's mind is folded as jnaani's mind and
ajnaani's mind is folded as ajnaani's mind. Where is the question of merging? The one who has Ph.D. is also does not anything in the deep sleep state and the one who does not have one also does not know - since the mind that know or does not know folded in both cases.
gatvaa na nivartante.. implication is Jnaanam is not reversible. Once known,
the ignorance of known cannot occur again. This is related to chidaabhaasa with the mind. 
However, one may forget the jnaanam
and for that only nidhidhyaasana is required so that one is firmly abides in
the jnaanam gained via shravana and manana. Jnaana niShTa or aparoxajnaanam is
what is implied when jnaanam is never forgotten during all transactions in the
world. There is no question of merging or not merging anytime since I am brahman all the time whether I know it or not. 
Just my
Hari Om!

> From: V Subrahmanian <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>
>This is a fine explanation to the question: In deep sleep (and dissolution)
>whether the jiva-s merge in Brahman?  The question becomes important since
>if it is held that they do merge in Brahman, how indeed can they emerge
>later as the Bh.Gita itself teaches: 'यद्गत्वा न निवर्तन्ते तद्धाम परमं मम
>॥१५- ६॥' [Having attained That,  jiva-s do not return to samsara]
>So, since such a question/doubt deserves to be answered, the commentators
>have taken special effort to make a clarification of the above stated
>nature (Sridhara swamin's commentary).

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