[Advaita-l] Advaita and Islam

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Thu Dec 6 06:31:11 CST 2012

praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

If you could read the story you would realize that there is something
called 'adhikAri bheda' in Vedanta. 

>  I know that adhikAra bedha is there in sAdhaka-s and hence there is 
bhakti, archana, upAsana, dhyAna etc. prescribed for various sAdhaka-s, 
that does not anyway question the necessity of 'guru' itself in sAdhana 
mArga..Again, I think you are bringing in adhikAri bheda issue here out of 

Shankara talks about shravanamAtreNa sAkShAtkAraH in the BSB 'lingAccha'.

>  what shravaNa the sAdhaka has to do here?? is it a sentence randomly 
available in some audio CD's or is it a look at some sentences written in 
some paUrusheya novel and story books or is it sAmpradAyik recommendation 
that vedAnta vAkya shravaNa??  You seem to be saying here shravaNa of any 
mundane novel story which talks about 'oneness' is more than enough for 
the perfect sAdhaka, whereas shankara clearly talks about vedAnta / 
shAstra vAkya shravaNa for the shravaNAdi sAdhana. 

Also, participating in discussion groups on the internet demands a minimum
access to sites through URLs. 

> I am fine in this list for the past 5 and odd years without any internet 
connection and I dont think group discussion on shankara vedAnta demands 
an internet connection to read stories  :-)) 

This facility is now very easily available for anyone to own at home at 
very low prices.

>  prabhuji thanks for your suggestion, it is already there in my capital 
item budget list :-)) 

>  BTW, you may not know how difficult it is for a person, who is paying 
heavy EMI-s  towards housing loan, company loan, PF loan etc. can afford a 
PC and internet connection at his home and being a lenient father, keeping 
away the computer  from his  two mischievous kids, who donot care to spend 
their whole time on computer / internet games by neglecting their studies 

>  Anyway, I am ready to leave all this problem aside, if any sponsors 
comes forward with a free offer  :-)) 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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