[Advaita-l] An appeal for donations toward Veda Samrakshana

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Whether Pathashalas run or end up in a whimper, the intention with which they are institutionalized - veda samrakshana - is what is important. Most pathashalas run only on public donations and hence, the public is on whom the onus is for keeping these running. Let us contribute our mite towards their sustenance, even if it means educating one single vidyarthi. The Paramacharya of Kanchi was once told about the dwindling numbers in a pathashala by its manager to which he questioned if there was any notable change seen in the remaining vidyarthis. The manager replied one student had begun having a shikha. Mahaperiyava was elated at hearing this and said that was enough for sustenance.


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Every alternate day i get these sort of mails seeking donations.  Also, some of the 
mails are related to donations for constructions of new temples.  I would like to clarify the couple of points.
Regarding the veda pathashalas :
I have observed that these sort of pathashalas are inaugurated with great bang and fanfare
but end up with whimper.  The reasons may be many. Lack of interest in students, lure for earning by learning a few smArta mantrAs etc.  Even what i have observed is that most of the brahmin parents are not willing to join their children in veda pathashalas.  Most of the students are either anAthAs and some of them join due to abject poverty.  Thus, results in
the deterioration of the quality of pATashAla.  Some of them drop out due to lack of seriousness in studies.  I have witnessed several such vedic schools that are closed due to lack of quality students / teachers and some obvious reasons.  
A couple of vedic schools (which are closed in our locality) indulged in mis-management of donated funds as there was no proper audit / check mechanism.  This resulted in internal conflicts among the trustees and donors.  
So, considering the above factors, it becomes difficult for us to judge whom to donate and whom not to donate. 
Regarding the donations for construction of new temples:
For this, my answer is a strict NO.  Because, it is better to renovate old and ancient temples that lack daily dhUpa, deepa & naivEdya rather than constructing new ones.  
It pains me to see some of the ancient temples giving cracks, siva lingAs with fissures,
and other idols with hands & legs broken.  Recently TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) has taken up this task with a banner "mana guDi" which is a yeoman's service and deserves applause.
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