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My understanding: A vaidhika is one who accepts veda as pramana. We cannot know adrsta matters such as results of karma in other worlds without the teaching of the vedas. We cannot also know about nature of brahman or ishwara without veda pramana. A similar conclusion through yukti will remain invalidated until veda pramana is used to validate it. 
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How can an avaidhika marga give purushartha or be valid?

praNAms Sri Rajaram prabhuji
Hare Krishna

That means in the history, no person from other religion would ever get 
one of the most important chaturvidha purushArtha-s i.e  mOksha since 
he/she was not the follower of vaidika mArga,something strange !!  Anyway, 
what exactly is this vaidika mArga (sorry for asking a fundamental 
question!! ??)  is it studying the Sanskrit veda maNtra-s, doing the 
shravaNa and mananaM of vedAnta vAkya-s with the help of commentaries with 
guru mArga darshana??  If a person would hear the SAME truth embedded in 
vedAnta in any other literature in a different language (other than 
Sanskrit, say English ) and does the mananaM on that satya with the help 
of his teacher, wont he get the same type of realization that the vaidika 
would get through traditional shravaNAdi approach??  How his understanding 
& realization of that satya is inferior to the paramArtha jnAna which has 
the vedAntic traditional approval?? 

I am really having this doubt without knowing appropriate answer.  Kindly 
dont think I am questioning the credentials of sAmpradAyika vaidika mArga 
nor I am trying to find an alternative to vaidika mArga.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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