[Advaita-l] Advaita and Islam

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In connection with what Sri Vidyasankar has said here, we can cite several
instances from the lives of the Jagadguru-s of the Sringeri and perhaps the
Kanchi ShankaraachArya. One can read them in the publications of these

When a Christian wanted to convert to Hinduism, Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati
SwaminaH asked him to get back to his religion and seek proper guidance and
thereby ensure his emanicipation in that system itself.  This shows that
the ShankarAchArya did not hold Christianity to be adhArmic or

Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha SwamigaL had saved up a few (precious) stones
given to Him by a Muslim returning from the Haj pilgrimage.  When decades
later a Muslim came to Him the Acharya gave those stones to him which he
received with all gratitude and reverence.  That shows that the Acharya did
not find such practices of cherishing memorablia by Muslims a  worthless

A Muslim who was childless for several years was blessed with progeny by
the Acharya's special benediction. He remained ever grateful for this

These are just representative incidents.


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> The Sankaracharyas of today do not have an easy job at all. There are
> several Muslim and Christian individuals who seek advice from them at a
> personal level. Should a Sankaracharya forgo his dharma as a guru and turn
> away these people by holding Islam and Christianity against them? They do
> not, and in my opinion, they should not. A jagadguru is a guru to whoever
> goes to him, no matter what. And then, there are and have been Muslim and
> Christian people of very high saintly character, so should one withhold
> respect and honor from these individuals by holding their religion against
> them?

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