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Namaste Sadanandaji,

Lord Buddha was looking for a way in which the people will get rid of the miseries by being able to cross the cycle of birth and death. For this he approached the brahmins of his time to ask whether any of their Vedic rituals could offer such a solution. The brahmins replied that the Vedic rituals cannot give such a solution. It is obvious that the Brahmins did not understand the Vedanta in Lord Buddha's time or thought that Lord Buddha should not be taught the Vedanta, even though as a kshatriyas he had every right to learn the Vedas. The restriction was that the Kshatriyas should not teach the Veda. It was only after that rebuff that Lord Buddha went to a Samkhya guru (Allara Kalama) and thereafter to another yoga guru but he had some doubts still left. He meditated for six years and found the answer and taught the world. HIs first promulgation in Sarnath was on the moral code and the second promulgation given decades later in the Vulture Peak gavet
 the Mahayana teachings.   Lord Buddha was  was not against the Veda. He only told Bimbisara not to sacrifice animals in his Vedic yajna. He always told that the brahmins should understand the true meaning of the Vedas. It is obvious that the brahmins of his time were intellectually incompetent. Lord Buddha said that Maitreya Buddha (or the Jnani Buddha) would appear in a b rahmin family to give the real jnana. That is why some theosophists believed that Lord Buddha appeared as Adi Sankaracharya. Whetrher the theosophists are right or wrong is a different issue but the fact remains that brahmins of his time created a propaganda machine, which to this day continues to proclaim Lord Buddha, the ninth avatar of Vishnu,  to be against the Vedas. It is obvious to me and may be to many others that Gaudapadacharya anbd Adi Sankaracharya understood Lord Buddha well and they also knew about Lord Buddha;s predictrion that his (Lord Buddha's) teachings will get
 corrupted after one thousand years after his passing away and if any woman is admitted to the Sangha then this time period will be further reduced to five hundred years. It so happened that during the Lord Buddha's lifetime itself women had to be inducted to the Sangha. 

The Vijnanavada came after more than one thousand years of the passing away of Lord Buddha and this has to be remembered when one hears about the Adi Sankaracharya's criticism of the buddhist scholars Dignaga and Dharmakirti. Lord Buddha's teachings remained in a purer form till Nagarjuna's time and in short I shall remind the friends (lest they forget) that one has not to forget that Nagarjuna proclaimed from the roof-top that "Shunyata" is not Nothingness". "Shunyata", to my knowledge, comes from the root "sve", which means to spread and it has the same meaning as the root "brih", which applies to "Brahman".

A Jivanmukta like Adi Sankaracharya, having gone beyond the Maya, knew that Saguna Brahman too, is a step in the creation.  When the desire arose (RV 10.129.4)  the Nirguna Brahman, became the Saguna Brahman to create the bibhinnamsha (the Jivas) while remaining himsef as the svamsha (the Ishwara).  The Lord told us that the Jivas after going to that abode never returns. (BG 15.5 - 7).This is in conformity with the Sayujya Mukti of the Muktika upanishad. Further the Rama-rahashya upanishad says that Lord Ram (the Saguna Brahman) is the Para Brahman, thereby telling us not to split the Saguna Brahman (Saguna Ishvara) and Nirguna Brahman, in our thought process.

Hope you will agree with me.

Sunil KB

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In the alaatashanti prakaraNa - Goudapaada criticizes all the four Buddhist doctrines. In that he uses first vijnaana vaada arguments to dismiss other Buddhist arguments and then rules out vijnaana vaada - thus dismissing all the four Buddhist doctrines. 

Yes other aacharyas have called Shankara as pracchanna bouddha - disguised Buddhist - one of the arguments for that is in Advaita, Vedas as well as saguNa Iswara are resolved as mithyaa, which they do not or cannot appreciate. 

Hari Om!

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  Of course, there are 
several other places where the Bhashyam brings out the specific nature 
of the Vedantic Brahman which sets it apart from the Buddhistic schools. 

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