[Advaita-l] [advaitin] AvidyA is mithyA

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Tue Apr 24 18:31:29 CDT 2012

Subbuji - praNAms

Just out of curiosity, Brahman being infinite, that cannot have any parts, and is free from sajaati, vijaati swagata bhedaas. There cannot be anything other than Brahman. Hence if there is anything other than Brahman that can only be mithyaa. avidya and tat virodha jnaanam both cannot but be mithyaa - i.e. sat asat vilakshaNam. I cannot see any other possibility? 

Hari Om!

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And it follows that all that is brought about by this mithyA 
ajnAna is also mithyA. This is graphically brought out by the 
Kathopanishat mantra and bhashya: The Sun (in the example) and the Self 
are not touched by the effects  of commingling (in the case of Sun) and 
avidyA (in the case of the Self).


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