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On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 03:25, <krismanian at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have not seen a sane reply to Mr. Rajaram's discussions on why mass
> killing and abuse of animals is unethical thing to do.

Actually, it was our question not his. He was asking why eating meat is
ethical. Read again.
He was again asking the use of scriptures to ascertain hiMsA and ahiMsA.
Better read the whole thread again and write after your emotions get down.

>  I am so disillusioned to read the right wing replies.

Right wing !!??
If Being idiot and mixing philosophies is left wing, and knowing everything
clearly is right wing; then sure we are from the second one. Otherwise
define the term clearly and keep your politics out of here.

After all Buddha refined the vedic religion

How much stupidity is needed to utter such thing ? God knows.
buddha just got out of vadika-dharma and created his own to destroy
vaidika-s. He was no reformer.

> and brought the Ahimsa concept to Vedic religion

Again, show of stupidity.
Do you mean that there are no words for ahiMsA in veda-s ?
Moreover, bauddha-s themselves eat meat. How could you say that they are
ahiMsaka-s ?

> and paved the way to stopping mass sacrifices of animals in Yagnas.

Yes, with support of kings.
And, so bauddha-s were eradicated with help of kings.

>  Shankara refined it more.

Refined means discovered ? We don't think that way. He just took teachings
from his guru-paraMparA.

> You guys are now reverting back to the barbarianism that was. It is
> unthinkable.

You don't know a single fact about vaidika-s and are brainwashed. Check
problems with you. Better spare time for study of scriptures in original
instead of showing faith in distorted descriptions of deceivers.

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