[Advaita-l] Vegetarianism

krismanian at gmail.com krismanian at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 16:55:42 CDT 2012

> Perhaps thru omission, but i have not seen anyone on this list point to  
> the dharma vyaada discussions from the mahaabhaarata for an exposition  
> why even eating plants is sinful in >certain cases and why even killing  
> of animals for food can be pious in other cases. Interested people can  
> find ample references to the original and the translations online -  
> beware of i>ncorrect translations though ...

> Bhava shankara desikame sharanm.
> Vaidya.

I have not seen a sane reply to Mr. Rajaram's discussions on why mass  
killing and abuse of animals is unethical thing to do.
I am so disillusioned to read the right wing replies. After all Buddha  
refined the vedic religion and brought the Ahimsa concept to Vedic religion
and paved the way to stopping mass sacrifices of animals in Yagnas.  
Shankara refined it more. You guys are now reverting back to the  
barbarianism that was. It is unthinkable.


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