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> Sunilji - PraNAms
> It is same objections that are being raised again and again. The objectors
> have no patience to study the responses already been given to those
> objections. Many dvaitins that I know read Shree B.N. K. Sharma's works
> that criticizes the Advaita. The criticisms indicate that either he did not
> understand Advaita properly or he refused to understand Advaita properly (I
> guess it is more of the later than former); and  people go on quoting the
> same arguments again and again.

The conclusion of top ranking Advaita scholars who regularly interact with
Dvaita/vishishtadvaita scholars is that both these schools, right from
their inception, have not understood Advaita correctly.  Their objections
reveal their poor level of understanding of Advaita.  One can see that
Shankara Himself has raised a number of objections (against Advaita) in the
bhashyas and answered them already and what these schools now object to
are pretty nothing new.

If you go to vaadaavali (or should be called jalpaavali) you can find all
> these arguments. There was one JN who did that in this and in advaitin list
> and was essentially kicked out of both lists.

Lists dedicated to Advaita cannot accommodate those who have in them the
only goal of attacking Advaita.  There is nothing wrong if Advaitins,
however, point out the non-Advaitins' wrong understanding of the Advaita
shastra.  They should know that their criticism of Advaita is founded on
their erroneous understanding of Advaita.


> It is useless to argue with them since none of them are really interested
> in learning what advaita says.
> Hence Dattatreya in Avadhuta Gita says - Iswaraanugrahaat eve pumsaam
> advaita vaasanaa - It is only by god's grace only one is exposed to or even
> ready to accept this teaching - manushyaanaam sahasreshu ... Krishna gives
> statistics.
> Shankara advises us not to get involved in kutarka or suShka vaada.
> No, I do not think that it is our duty to keep going around setting things
> right when people are not ready - as you can see some in this list serve
> itself. If they do present new arguments that have not been addressed by
> our aachaaryas in the past then there is a merit to address them. If a
> person is seriously interested to know the facts then it is out duty to
> provide the required clarification. Many who criticize think that that they
> are right and we are wrong. Arguments with them only give lot of noise or
> lot of meaningless posts as you can see.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda

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