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Muslims are required to say Bismillah while beginning any work and so they start their mantra with Bismillash. Then they add to that in Arabic that they are killing the animal in the legitimate way. So their mantra is not necessarily comparable to a mantra a hindu chants while offering any animal. To my knowledge the animal is blessed by the yajamana for its well-being (obvoiuly in its next birth).

Further Lord Buddha allowed the monks to eat if offered to them and if the animal is not specifically killed for the monk and also  if the monk had not seen its killing and did not hear the death-cry of the animal. No doubt the compassionate Lord Buddha was against killing of animals.

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Even muslims chant their mantras when they kill and eat only Halal meat.

But here you are, who claims to be a vaidhika, who says that animals can be brutally slaughtered without chanting mantras in a vedic yajna. And calls me a buddhist! You can't show one mandatory paka yajna where animals are killed and hence your argument is shunya. But I won't call you a Buddhist because they will feel disgraced - at least they follow their tradition. 
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> I am asking you to protect dharma whose purpose is to nurture not destroy
> lives indiscriminately for selfish gains in the name of custom and without
> sastric basis.

dharma is defined by shAstra-s and not by some one else. You know the cause
because you were a part of apauruSheyatva-discussion.
Again, meaning of shAstra-s is determined very well by mImAMsaka-s.
The conclusion is that vaidika-hiMsA and any other hiMsA which is supported
by smR^iti-texts is not adharma at all.
So, the nature of dharma is not to 'not destroy lives' or 'to save lives'.
It's nature is that 'it is defined by veda-s and smR^iti-s, etc.'
It is also very clear that hiMsA has basis in shAstra. It is here that
we(vaidika-s) are different from bauddha-s.
If you are supporting bauddha-matam of ahiMsA, then better understand our

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