[Advaita-l] Vegetarianism

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> I am happy to get my head to the right place. Can you please tell me the mantra to be chanted when you kill fish, offer it in fire, the deity and rishi? 

What is the mantra you chant when you eat sambhar, rasam, curds and vegetables 
with rice in your daily meals? If you have a specific one, you may chant the same for
all other kinds of food too. If you don't have to chant a mantra for your regular food,
except at the beginning and end of a meal, you don't have to chant a mantra for any
other kind of food too, except at the beginning and end of the meal. Remember that
we are not talking of any yajna other than prANAgnihotra here, which is specifically
meant for your daily regular eating. Nothing special about it.
If you want to get serious about these sorts of discussion and resist the urge to make
such flippant remarks trying to score brownie points, let the list know. It is not as if
anybody who has responded to you from a SAstra perspective on this thread is an
advocate of himsA in general or meat eating in particular. If you deliberately want to
turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the dharma and jnAna points being made, that is
your call, but if so, spare this list from these kinds of discussions.

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