[Advaita-l] An instance of Advaita wrongly comprehended

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Upon Brahmadarshana the advaitin becomes a samadarshi and he sees true unity between each and everything. He realizes that there is  Brahman everywhere and everything is Brahman. Lord Krishna said "Pratima alpabuddhinam  (and) sarvatra samadarshinam". This means only the not-so-enlightened ones see god in pratima whereas the samadarshis see God everywhere and in everything. Everything has come from Lord Krishna and thus everything is Lord Krishna. 


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Namaste Sada ji,

Thanks for your response.  The point in this particular case is that since
Advaita holds the world to be a superimposition on the rope-snake analogy,
the thinking among those not versed with the methods of Advaita tends to
hold that once the ignorance goes owing to Brahman-knowledge, the
superimposed world also should cease to be just as the rope knowledge
results in the cessation of the snake-perception.  The Swami's remark is in
this background.  To prove his point he cites the case of Arjuna continuing
to perceive the world even while having the Lord's (Brahman's) darshan in
the 11th chapter.  Going by the analogy, the Swami points out, Advaita's
'claim' that the world will cease to exist upon Brahmadarshana is false.
My endeavor was to show that Advaita never makes such a claim but on the
contrary expressly states the continued availability of the world for the
Jnani for vyavahara.


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> Not sure if Swamiji wrongly comprehends or wrongly misleads advaitic
> position.
> The point is we do not need extensive bhaashyas to establish this - A
> simple commonsense will tell us - if jnaani does not see the world
> therefore there is no student or a teacher to differentiate - we are left
> with no teachers who are jnaanis and then the teaching has to be done by
> ajnaanis, which makes the scriptures useless - the scriptures that swami is
> quoting to make his point. With due respects to the swami- If he is a
> jnaani then he is contradicting himself and if he is ajnaani then his
> interpretation is useless.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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