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That this is a clear case of Advaita wrongly comprehended (by the Swami) is brought out by these sample ShAnkara-bhAShya quotes:

Subbuji - PraNAms

Not sure if Swamiji wrongly comprehends or wrongly misleads advaitic position. 

The fact that Lord Krishna, I am sure everyone agrees that He is a jnaani, was teaching Arjuna and also doing - paritraaanaaya saadhuunaam vinaashaaya ca dushkRitaam and dharma samsthaapana - all of which requires the transaction with the world, is clear indication that jnaani sees and also transacts the world - while still understanding that - na ca mastaani bhuutani - there are no being in Me. 

Shankara himself is able to write a bhaashya and become bhaashyakaara involving action is a direct practical example of transaction with the world by a jnaani. Krishna asks us approach a teacher - tat viddhi praNipaatena paripraShnena sevayaa from the point of a student and - upadesyanti te jnaanam - an obligatory action for the jnaani to teach the seeker as part of his aachaarya RiNa. 

The point is we do not need extensive bhaashyas to establish this - A simple commonsense will tell us - if jnaani does not see the world therefore there is no student or a teacher to differentiate - we are left with no teachers who are jnaanis and then the teaching has to be done by ajnaanis, which makes the scriptures useless - the scriptures that swami is quoting to make his point. With due respects to the swami- If he is a jnaani then he is contradicting himself and if he is ajnaani then his interpretation is useless.

Hari Om!

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