[Advaita-l] Vegetarianism

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sun Apr 15 23:05:15 CDT 2012

The Soma drink is also intoxicating but it is not sin like drinking Alcohol
yajna, yAgAdi kratus denote the pravritti dharma.  Now, as a part of pravritti dharma, 
if the yajamAna craves for madhya, mAMsa & maithuna, there is a method of performing
these by offering the same to yajnEshwara.  In this way, whatever offered becomes 
the yajna prasAda.  Thus, partaking the prasAda is not a dOSa.  
In the similar lines, shAkta tantra also prescribed 5 Ms (pancha makArAs) that are used
in kauLa tantras.  However, here also, these *must* be offered to the kula kuNDalini in the mUlAdhAra and *Ahuti*.  Such a prasAda should be partaken by the shAkta.  Even the hardcore vAmAchAra tantra bans the usage of these 5 M's for the sake of enjoyment of the upAsaka.  If such a upAsaka who uses these for his enjoyment and doesn't offer to the devi, goes to the raurava naraka.  So, kashmir, bengal, assam, orrissa, bihar is the belt where kaula tantras flourished.  But unfortunately, we see only the worst part of it here and 
the spirit of kaula tantra is almost vanished except here and there.

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