[Advaita-l] Ishwara swarupam

amith vikram vikram.amith at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 06:24:01 CDT 2012

>The mind is an of perception but is also formless unlike pot etc.
>which have a form.
In that case we will have to differentiate 'me' from 'my mind' and when we
try to do that we realize that mind cannot exist independently without
'me'. Then that would ultimately lead to the conclusion, the 'I' is
formless which i am not denying.

>The mind is also able to assume the form of an object of
>perception. Space is formless but when reflected in water, it reveals
>its form which is different from the form of the reservoir. That is why you
>perceive depth etc.
??? Does this mean space is formless but then it has a form?

>So, what you are saying when you say Ishwara is formless, you are indeed
>saying He is beyond forms and formlessness. Otherwise, you would have just
>said He is formless like the space.
Since we are defining Ishwara assuming it to be seperate from the one who
is defining, we can say that Ishwara is formless like space. That doesn't
contradict with Ishwara not being an object of perception. If Ishwara is
beyond formlessness, then we will have to explain how.  Otherwise It
becomes a mere expression of words without any meaning. For example, we can
say ishwara is beyond words, but we cannot say ishwara is beyond Infinite,
which is defined only in a relative sense.

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