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On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 03:14, Rajaram Venkataramani
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> What is himsa known through pratyaksha and anumana. We don't need sastras
> to know what is himsa.

First of all define hiMsA, both of you, rAjArAm and shrI V subrahmanian.
Why ?
Because we need to determine that you are talking about same hiMsA.
Only then your different views will get success in marking the impression
that you both are in conflict. Otherwise, it appears that you both have
different versions of hiMsA, one decided by shAstra-s and other by PETA,

The sastras may negate the result of himsa to the
> karta in the case of righteous war or yajna. But even in these cases, there
> is himsa.

It is possible only if both versions of hiMsA are different.

We know how much effort Lord Rama and Lord Krishna took to
> prevent war. They didn't take the view that it is okay to cause pain and
> kill on the grounds that it is righteous war.

If the war is righteous, then you are yourself saying that pain and killing
are justified.

 Lord Krishna says that one who eats the remnants of yajna becomes freed
> sins. Sankara refers to inevitable sins caused in the oven etc. and
> inadvertent injury caused to others. Lord Krishna says that one who cooks
> for himself verily eats sin.
> *yajna-sistasinah santo*
> *mucyante sarva-kilbisaih*
> *bhunjate te tv agham papa*
> *ye pacanty atma-karanat (BG 3.13)*
> *
> *
> There are yajnas where animals but not common place. Just as with a
> righteous war, a yajna should be undertaken only when there is a higher
> purpose and strictly under the guidance of a selfless brahmana.

Those all support hiMsA as defined by shAstra-s.
What about your version ?

 Even two generations ago, calves were allowed to drink milk and only excess
> was taken for human conception. They all had names and were part of the
> family. Nowadays, they are mostly killed immediately on birth to reduce
> cost. The go-mata cries in separation of her calf but is forced to generate
> more milk for human conception through hormone injections. Vegans do not
> drink milk for this reason.

You mean PETA-vegans, isn't it ?

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