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I looked at the news item and then at the people who were approached in the news item.

Know that, in very recent years, the church has increased its propaganda and is involved in a long term and large scale project to demonize non-abrahamic religions.

This couple, seemingly is one of the many nodes in their project.

Read the article again: Observe how cleverly they avoid mentioning any association of teh Nazi-s with the Church. On the othe rhand also observe how not just Hinduism, but even the non-Christian religions get associated with the Nazi-s.

After that take a look at their website. www.trimond.de  The website is clearly aimed at defaming the noble Dalai Lama and tries to sling mud on bauddha sAmpradaya-s. Why? Along with Hinduism, the Church is losing many people to the bauddha mata.

The rubbish that these idiots propagate becomes very clear.. when they question the Dalai Lama asking him " Why has Buddhism declared a holy war on Islam?"

Does this question from the Mr & Mrs.Trimondi scumbags tell you something? Does it make you laugh when somebody says Buddhism has declared a holy war on Islam?  What does it say about the one who framed this sentence..

This is not a news item: This is the Church fighting a propaganda war.   See the second point here:  This gives away the motives of the writers: 


This is exactly why we should keep our eyes open... and be alert by constantly following and reading up works by the likes of Rajiv Malhotra.

Obtain copies of these books and study them thoroughly. The study of gItA bhAShya, or brahma sUtra can wait for the moment.

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I saw the following news item today


and learnt of an unsavory association that has been foisted upon the bhagavad-gItA
by people in Nazi Germany. It turns out that one top Nazi leader was personally a fan
of the gItA (or what one can only very charitably call his perverted understanding of it).

My immediate reaction to this was the importance of sampradAya in what lessons we
learn from difficult texts of philosophy. Of course, any true vedAntic teacher would have
sent back Hitler and Himmler with a solid admonition to develop basic adhikAra before
even venturing to read the gItA! 

In retrospect, one can only wish that German leaders before World War II had read the
gItA the way Thoreau, Emerson, Einstein and Oppenheimer read it. Each of them read
the gItA in translation, not in the original. And what a different understanding each one
of them took away from the text!

One can only imagine how different world history would have been if the gItA had been
introduced to Europe according to the new American Transcendentalist sampradAya of
Emerson and Thoreau, rather than being read through the lens of Hitler's sampradAya. 

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