[Advaita-l] Benefits of Ganga Jala

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Apr 11 23:40:34 CDT 2012

Some people say we have to use bore well water only for Puja not other water touched by

Atleast it is better than the stale municipal water.  However, it has been found that municipal water is the only source in cities.  Then, anyways, kAlasa sthAnpana
is performed before commencement of pUja.  Put some tulasi leaves, pancha pallavAs (if available).  Utter kalasa AvAhana mantra and perform dhEnu, ankusa & garuDa mudrAs. These are most important.  Then pour the kalasa teertha into the shankha (conch preferably dakSiNAvarta shankha).  Perform the avAhana into the shankha teertha and pour the shankha teertha into the kalasa again.  
Thus, kalasa jala is purified.  
Afterall, it is the bhAvana which is most important.  
Otherwise, if somebody is visiting gangOtri & chArdhAm then, get gangOtri jala from them, preserve in your puja room and offer a little into the kalasa jala.  It becomes purified.

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