[Advaita-l] About the term in 'Ishwara' in Advaita - a brief note

Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 15:56:45 CDT 2012

> Dear Sri Subrahmanian, namaskarams. I understand that it would have been a
> test of your patience to explain the triad concept, which you believe is
> the truth. I thank you for your hard work and efforts. I think it most
> appropriate to let time reveal the truth. As for me, I do not object to the
> unreality of the jagat. Nor do I object to negation of jiveshwara bhedam.
> Nor do I object to the negation of Ishwaratwam of Hiranyagarbha. I only
> object to the negation of the Selfhood of Parameshwara and His Ishwaratwam
> that is dependent on His Selfhood. In BG 9.5, Sankara clearly says that
> there is no difference the Lord and His Self. In 9.12, Sankara talks about
> "the great Lord of all beings who is their Self". In 9.13, Sankara cautions
> of becoming vain all hopes, actions and knowledge of those who "disregard
> the Lord, who is there own Self". In 14.27, Sankara says the "Innermost
> Self is the Supreme Self".

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