[Advaita-l] vedAnta/upanishad mahAvAkya - a query

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Respected members,
While on the topic, can someone throw light on other types of vakyas which come in the shruti.
What I know of is that there are two types of pramanas in vedas.
1. Shashanatmak : dealing with what to do and what not to do. and 2. Shansanatmak ; dealing with the unity of jeeva, jagat and Ishwara.
Kindly throw some light on this so that any error in understanding can be corrected.

Sudhakar kabra

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Pranams.  The main & secondary clause examples were analogies to show the difference between the 4 mahAvAkyas & other similar shruti vAkyAs.  
Anyway, sukarahasya upanishad details about the anga / kara nyAsas and says that
*mahAvAkyAni chatvAri*
Formal initiation is only given to yatis accordingly as per their amnAya pitha representation.
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