[Advaita-l] About the term in 'Ishwara' in Advaita - a brief note

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On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 9:13 PM, Vidyasankar Sundaresan
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> Let us not convert this list into a classroom on physical science, modern
> or ancient. Please pick up one of the thousands of books on physics and
> find out why all matter is essentially energy. If what you read results in
> more confusion in your mind, please take this up offline with somebody
> else, not on this list.
But we cannot believe the Scientists. They are confusing us. They are
saying everything is matter and energy. Then they can say the person
Sri Vidyasankar = matter and chemical reactions producing energy. They
are saying Sri Vidyasankar can be defined on some pages of paper
writing some equations. But will you agree you are matter and chemical
reactions only? I think you will not agree because our Vedanta is
saying you are Atma. This Atma is higher than matter and chemical
reactions. Atma is the Source for them. Without Atma the matter and
chemical reactions will not happen.

The Scientists are telling the Sun is a Mass of gases and chemical
reactions. This is  not correct. Surya is the Source for the gases and
chemical reactions and Energy and all Life. Without him the gases and
chemical reactions will not happen. Lke Atma is the Ruler of the body
Surya is the Ruler of the Universe. That Surya and this Atma in the
body are the Same. This is the Vedic teaching.

> Vidyasankar



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