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If the position is Brahman, although homogeneous, includes everything, then the term nirIshwara would be incorrect. But as everything including Ishwara is unreal, your Brahman excludes everything.

When you worship, you have to know at the back of your mind that this is unreal. Not that the Lord, my Innermost Self, has made Himself accessible through this salagrama, has manifested as bhakti in my heart through mano vrtti and the unlimited has accepted an apparent limitation. The only thing you accept as real is  the limitation you impose on the Lord. 
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Worship is done at jiiva level who thinks the world is different and there is creator of this world. All are ontologically equally real in that frame of reference. This triad - jiiva - jagat - Iswara exist only at vyavahaarika level.

With jnaani this traid reduces to binary format - aatma -anaatma. everything that is not chaitanyam reduces to anaatma - that includes everything - good or bad which themselves are at relative level. Iswara is not unreal but notion that Iswara is separate from me is unreal. That is what keno. Up slokas that Subbuji mentioned indicated. Anaatma reduces to not real or unreal but mithyaa - that incldues all the world and the gods that one has created. The whole anaatma is reduced ot mithyaa with the discovery of the underlying truth of aham brahmaasmi. 

As has been pointed out - adviata has to be understood correctly - Even the famous darshanikas had a problem in accepting advaitic position and made criticism, reducing Iswara to an object differnt from the subject - thuw dividing indivisible chaitanyam into one supreme and many tiny ones. 

Just my 2c in this interesting debate - wanted to stay bakc as bystander but could not resit to pointout the above facts of advaita vedanta. As has been suggested that these discussions emphasizes the importantce of sampradaaya teacher and study for a prolonged length of time to have a clear vision of this absolute truth.

Hari Om!

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