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S L Shivashankar slshivashankar at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 04:12:29 CDT 2012

The demise of the great Srivaishnava scholar Sri Sri Rangapriya Swami is
indeed a great loss. He was a man of great learning and spiritual
refinement. I have a friend who is a student of the Swamiji, and with him i
once went to Swamiji┬┤s ashram in Hanumantanagar in Bangalore. It was great
to witness the puja, and afterwards I was fortunate to recieve prasadam
from the hands of Swamiji.

It is very true that Sri Sri Rangapriya Swamiji held Adi Shankara in a high
esteem. He used to recite Dakshinamurthy Stotram and other works by
Shankara. He often attended celebrations, functions, book releases and
special occassions at the Sringeri Matha and other institutions connected
to advaita vedanta.

Warmest regards
Stig Lundgren

2012/4/3 savithri devaraj <savithri_devaraj at yahoo.com>

> Thank you for passing this information on.
> This is a great loss at several levels.
> He was my Sanskrit teacher and I heard him almost everyday for 2 years
> during my pre-university term at National College. I heard him just once
> after he became a Swami.
> My life was greatly enriched by him, he was a teacher of true conviction,
> and every word he said, and every rebuke he gave us, left a deep impression
> on us. In fact, I used to write down all the impressive English phrases and
> examples he gave to chide us, and there were many exemplary ones. Sri
> Deshikachar (his brother from his pUrvAshrama days) was a great Chemistry
> teacher.
> I consider myself blessed to be taught by these great souls.
> My obeisance to all great teachers.
> Savithri
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