[Advaita-l] About the term in 'Ishwara' in Advaita - a brief note

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Wed Apr 4 00:56:11 CDT 2012

praNAms Sri rAjarAm prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Just my 2 naya paisa thoughts on this :

If the position is Brahman, although homogeneous, includes everything, 
then the term nirIshwara would be incorrect.

> Yes, sarvaM khalvidaM brahma, is the shruti assertion.  And tvaM 
bhumirApOnalOnilOnabhaH too.  There is nothing that we can imagine 'apart' 
from brahman.  So, in the broader sense, Ishwara, jeeva & jagat everything 
brhman only nothing else.

But as everything including Ishwara is unreal, your Brahman excludes 

>  Yes, brahman excludes everything it is because brahman in its svarUpa 
nirguNa, nirvishesha, niravayava, nirAkAra.  But for, Ishwara, jeeva jagat 
there is no separate existence apart from brahma!!   brahma svabhAvO hi 
prapanchaH na prapancha svabhAvaM brahma, clarifies shankara in sUtra 

When you worship, you have to know at the back of your mind that this is 

>  And parallelly we have to keep in the mind that the worshipper, as 
parichinna too unreal, or we have to keep in the mind that the worshipped 
(upAsya) is none other than the worshipper (upAsaka).  tyajet ajnAna 
nirmAlyaM, sOham bhavena pUjayet. 

Not that the Lord, my Innermost Self, has made Himself accessible through 
this salagrama, has manifested as bhakti in my heart through mano vrtti 
and the unlimited has accepted an apparent limitation. The only thing you 
accept as real is  the limitation you impose on the Lord. 

>  when you are limiting yourself thinking that you are dehamanObuddhi 
ahaMkAra, it is quite natural to see lord also in a separate compartment 
:-)) When you get rid of your limitation, the limitation of lord that you 
have imposed due to ajnAna would get sublated automatically. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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