[Advaita-l] British Authorsand Indian sanyasis

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 30 04:49:44 CDT 2011

Dear Ramakrishna,

It is very sad to read that one should avoid SSS vyakhyana of NS. Mr
Ramakrishna has not justified why it should not be read! Ask pooja shasthri
to clarify. Is she competent to comment on a Brahmajnani? A true Sanyasin to
the core, than who heads Mutts.

It is sad to read that a commentary of a British Author is better than an
Indian Sanyasi? How can they understand our culture, Samskriti, heritage,
Samskaras Sampradaya etc etc? Read Shankara's commentary in Gita 13-2(
tasmat Shasthravidopi asampradayvit murkhavadeva upekshaniyah)

For your infn and infn of all the members of the list, you will  appreciate
that SSS is the only Shuddah Vedanti, a researcher, who lived for 96 years,
whose memory was intact till 96, who has penned about 200 books. Pl visit
their web site ; a link is given below my signature. you can download most
of the books and read them free in djVu format. You can comment only after
reading his books and not by hearsay.
Reading an Indian sanyasi is better than reading foreign authors on our culture.I donot know who is Pooja shasthri,but Sri Sachidanandendra saraswathiji represents the true tradition of Sanyashasrama in Advaita.We have read Thibaut,his translation of Shankara Bhashya,Ramanuja bhashya and we have seen how grossly he misrepreasents in his translations.It was Sri Sachidanandendra saraswathi who took up the cudgels and the guts to state that they donot represent Shankara's advaita.He is partial to Ramanuja in his translation of advaita.Evidently,some one had commissioned Thibaut to write these translations!It is a canard to say that he doesnot represent the Advaita tradition!

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