[Advaita-l] Pitrupaksha questions.

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Namaste Srikantiji,

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I would like to know from you where I have flawed in my fundamental
> statement regarding karma and everything else is flawed.I want to
> know sincerely from you!

The flaw is simple, karma must be performed until brahma jnAna has been
established and experienced BUT until then all karma be it nitya, naimittika
must be performed. Obviously Kaamya karmas is dependent on the individual.

> You say,akarma or the nonperformance of action can only apply to those who
> have no sense of doership.I would like to know whether any person can remain
> without a sense of "Doership"?

Yes, most definitely. There are numerous verses in the BG of examples where
this is the case where we can directly or indirectly ascertain this is the
case (3.20,3.26,5.25).

There is one experience I can give as an example of how this feeling maybe.
Unfortunately due to my job role I sometimes have to travel, so I spend
majority of my life living on the motorway/highway. Sometimes whilst
driving, your mind finds a vacuum where there is no thought, no sense of
doing, not even a sense of direction, although you cannot deny I'm not awake
the sense of doership is gone, then suddenly after maybe 5 mins, you realise
'where am I, where was I all this time?' - I'm sure people who've spend time
on the road have had this feeling, where the body ........
Krunal Makwanaji
From what you have written,I want to know the answers to the following questions.
1)What is karma?What is nitya karma,what is naimittika karma?What are kamya karmas?
From what you write that your mind is filled with vaccum while driving,there is no sense of doership!You say there is a vaccum while driving,there is no sense of driving,there is no sense of doership etc.not even a sense of direction!
Then how do you drive, in which direction?
I want you to study these verses,3.20,3.26,5.25.You cannot mix up the verses in chapter 3 with verse in chapter 5.They are diferent.The chapter 5 is clearly Jnana yoga after chpater 4,where as 3 is the end of karma yoga. see this distinction sarefully.You cannot mix up the two!But what are karmas?Nitya naimittika karmas!They certainly are not like car driving!There is a greater significance to this!

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