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PraNAms Mr V S for a detailed reply para-wise.

The Vedanta Prakriya Pratyabhijna was discussed in this group or
 Vedantin.net group long back and some of the members expressed it as
.'Magnum Opus'. and it is not my opinion.

It was not my contention that the works of Acharyas later than Shankara
shouldn't be read but those works which are against Shankara's line of
thought should not be followed. For Ex as quoted by you, the Bhashya for
Gowdapada Karikas are wrtitten by Shankara only and hence not to be left at

I don't want to drag this by justification and persuasion that I am always
right. One can never win by Tarka.  Hence kindly put a full stop  and thanks

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Warm regards

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