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> Dear Ramakrishna,
> It is very sad to read that one should avoid SSS vyakhyana of NS. Mr
> Ramakrishna has not justified why it should not be read! Ask pooja shasthri
> to clarify. Is she competent to comment on a Brahmajnani?

I think that it is not fare to say anything about SSS and his works in
public if not prompted by them to refute.
Traditional-s hold that SSS taught many things which were wrong and against
tradition. So, they avoid his works. That is why Shastri ji may have told
those things. It was definitely meant for a specific person, a person who
doesn't have capacity to test SSS-'s view and compare that with traditional
Any how, I've seen some of his works in original. They are nice. I
appreciate his explanations at many places. His writings present a new
explanation of bhAShyam which is different from tradition. So, he gives us a
chance to test appropriateness of both views.
But, for new people we always suggest to keep away from explanations
deviating from tradition.
My praNAm-s to shrI satchidAnandendra saraswatI swAmI.

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