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Hari Om,

(While I'd said that I was done placing my arguments on this thread, I
missed out that I'd a parallel thread with Kmanji, hence the response)

On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 1:28 AM, kman <krismanian at gmail.com> wrote:

> In this day and age where abortions and invitro are so common, it is hard
> to
> believe this theory.

I'll just stress that abortion & invitro gives whats physically visible to
you or the scientists which is the body, but can you control *life* within
that body, which is the subject being discussed. I didn't know that you'd
science in mind when questioning pitRs & shrAddha matter! Be it so. Its not
the domain of laukika, its that of dharma, the domain of Vedas. No other
authority is approved in tradition, regardless of people's beliefs. And if
you find this theory so hard to believe, what is it that you think takes
birth, why and what is your idea of whatever it is that is trying to get
moksha, if that! Surely, thats not what the invitro process created.

> This does not make any sense. "Child is the father of the man" concept I
> can
> understand and appreciate.

That point was to show that its a cycle, you can't hold on to that child is
the father of man concept, because across births, who's the child, who's the
father? The person who conducts the shrAddha is the child who has debt of
his parents for that particular birth.

> This again proved that child is not indebted but
> the parent is for the child to bring Jnana to the parent.

How did it prove that, of all things?!! How in the world will a child bring
j~nAna to his parents.

> The child's debt
> is only
> for the good care and upbringing to their parents.

Why even that then?

> we need not force them in
> the garb of tradition to do shrAddha  after
> death.

How can a parent force the child to do the shrAddha, when the shrAddha is
done after the parent has died? The son may or may not do. There is no garb
of tradition, its tradition based around what dharma is.

> That is probably less than 1% of the whole population in India (for that
> matter any where in the world)  that a parent actually approaches having a
> kid with spirituality in mind that they are providing an opportunity for
> another life.

It doesn't matter what your statistics say, its what the dharma shAstrAs
say. The shrAddha ritual can't be based about what people do now & what they
have in their minds.

> If that was the actual case we will not have this population
> explotion. It was pure  selfish happiness. . How come usually large hindu
> families are now becoming one or two kid only families now, It is thanks to
> Birth control.

I think the topic is digressing to no end. So, I stop here. Thanks for the

Kind rgds,
--Praveen R. Bhat
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