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The way you lift the references and misquote them, is really surprising.  
Sri.Shankara Bhagawath pada says ,no dosha is incurred in this 
For God's sake, don't misinterpret the Shankara Hridaya which gives a wrong signal.
Non-performance of nityakarma is abhAva and hence there is no 
pratyavAya dosha as pratyavAya dosha is of bhAva swarupa.
But, one cannot avoid the performance of karma be it nitya / naimittika / kAmya.
Since, the person has to perform karma in one form or another, 
even though non-performance of nityakarma doesn't produce any 
pratyavAya, he cannot avoid the performance of laukika karma. 

Moreover, he is likely to perform niShiddha karma accidentally.
So, accidental performance of niShiddha karma & performance of 
laukika karma leads to pratyavAya dOSha as performance of karma 
is bhAva padArtha which yields the result in the form of pApa.
So, nityakarma nullifies this dOSha arising out of the performance of niShiddha & laukika karmAs.
And hence, nityakarma is mandatory.
You are still in LKG level quoting from Garuda purana and other puranas,
Yes, i am a mandAdhikAri.  Because, i still lack chitta shuddhi, i am into karma kANDa
unlike you who is a jnAna niShTa.  For your kind info, the vAkya "jnAnAdeva 
If you want to stick to karmas be it.That shows that you have not even started on the path.Perform them like an entertainment.I am sure you will enjoy it.There is no pratyavaya dosha as Shankara has said.You are a mundana mishra and not mandana mishra.
HH Chandrasekhara Bharathi is a mahatma and more than a Jivanmuktha.You donot know much about him You know only what your "Garus'have said about him.I am living nearer to sringeri,I know much about him.Wait till you resume after Navaratri.Till then happy Shivaratri!!

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