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> What happened to that dic of the doctrine of Hindu Dharma.Why,our people are going wayward?Is it not true that all the ills our country is undergoing,because of blindly following these rituals which have now become obsolete.What relief it would have been for our families if we had heeded SriShankaraBhagawathpada's advice,if we follow only the Jnanakandha.The mimamsakas have always been like that.They fattened themselves over others
> by harassing the hapless Grahasthas.If you start taling about Srishankara over the karmas,they are dumb!These mimamsakas are parasites,and those who follow them are gullible people,as the Mundakopanishath sruthi says,'andenaniyamana yathandhah'.
> N.Srikanta.

What do you think of -

Deva Pitru Karyabhyam Na Pramaditavyam in Taittiriya Upanishad.

Do you think Mimamsakas inserted it?

Advaitis and Mimamsakas are brothers in doing Nitya and Naimittika
Karmas. There is no difference. Both do it.

Only difference Advaitis will not accept Karmas have to be done for
ever. If you take Sanyasa no Karma is required.
But if not there is Dosha in not doing it.

You cant be in Trishanku stage not performing Karma but not Sanyasi also.



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