[Advaita-l] Pitru Paksha Questions

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Mon Sep 26 09:50:17 CDT 2011

Sorry I did not mean to disrespect any one.
I was trying to convey my understanding and get validation or learn some
thing new.
Thanks to all who responded.

>> So you keep learning all the fundamentals of Advaita and do not practice
>> until you become a sanyasi?

>Yes and No.
>Yes, because we practice it internally even in gR^ihastha-Ashrama.
>No, because we don't show it externally.
>Whatever is appropriate for an Ashrama is practiced and not otherwise.

>> We have read so much about "Attachment - Bondage" and how to get rid of
>> Now you are creating Bondage for
>> your progeny! and worry yourself after death will my kid do this or not!

>One "creates" bondage for the progeny by the very act of creating the
>progeny, so to say, because the pitru RNa/debt passes on! That debt lies in
>opportunity provided for the jIva/progeny to realize.

I agree, So why create more reverse bondage. The kid did not have a choice
in being born
to these parents. We also know that acts of karma are done by an individual
for his/her own
selfish happiness, so this debt that your talking about is mithya, infact
imho the parents are
indebted to their kids for bringing them in to this bondage.

>> Will I attain Moksha or not etc. (what if the kid dies immediately after
>> the
>> father's death?)

>If such worry was there when alive for the jIva, how will it suddenly go
>away just because one/sthula sharIra is no more?

For a non advaitin what you say makes sense. Advaitin should be able to make
the discrimination, right?

>No the father is simply informing the progeny of the debt that is in place
>by the fact of human birth. We are in debt to the Devas, Rshis, and Pitrs
>because it was due to all three that we were born.

As I said earlier IMHO parents are indebted to kids for bringing them in to
bondage. Logically I am not able to understand the indebtedness part. Yes,
for their love and making us worthy beings we takecare of them during their
old age well with love and affection. But knowing that
there is no birth and death, why sraardha,

>> and worry yourself after death will my kid do this or not!
>> Will I attain Moksha or not etc. (what if the kid dies immediately after
>> father's death?)

>You definitely should not worry but do your duty to inform your children
>of dharma. To the results you should adopt a feeling of equanimity. Your
>duty is to the work not the results -- this is karmayoga.

How is this dharma?

>It doesn't matter how loudly you proclaim the snake is a rope if you
>still keep treating it as a snake. Actions speak louder than words. You
>cannot selectively claim to renounce relgious karma while continuing to
>keep the karma of job, fancy house and car, computer etc.

I need to complete the responsinility to our kids, so until then I have to
keep my job, car etc as it helps in my pursuit of my spiritual growth
But the srarda part clashes with the idea of advaitha. I am trying to
understand why it was
prescribed this way.

>earning is part of the practice. Some rare people can change their point
>of view just like that. Most however will need time. The goal is
>sannyasa but the journey can still be beneficial even if the goal is not
>reached yet.

I am trying to understand If it will help in my spiritual growth.

Thank you very much



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