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namaste,/////Now you are creating Bondage for
your progeny! and worry yourself after death will my kid do this or not!
Will I attain Moksha or not etc. (what if the kid dies immediately after the
father's death?)// There is a chapter in Garuda Purana that deals withthe adhikara nirnaya for pitru karma.  The above aspecthas been dealt.  Even if none of the relatives are alive,a well-wisher can do the samskAra which results in kOTi ashvamEdha yAga.  And hence, anAtha prEta samskAra was emphasized.   Now, coming to the burden aspect, did you feel that takingcare of your father & mother, bringing medicines to your parents,caring words of assurances to your parents during their ill-healtha "burden" for you.  If yes, then i am not surprised why so manyold age homes are cropping up.   ///Also I see some of you saying until you take Sanyasa you have to continue
the karma, formalities etc.
It is same as saying, after I realized that it is only rope and not snake,
but I still have to keep fearing that it is snake until I take sanyasa. // A person like you once went to sringeri and observed HH Chandrasekhara BharatiMahaswamigal doing chandramoulishwara puja & srichakra puja with utmost care.He was shocked to see this because for him, His Holiness was a jivanmukta andan avadhuta.  He asked a question to HH "Being a jnani, why are you doingall these worships".  Swamiji replies then what a jnani should do, can you advice/ Most of the so-called advaitins (who claim to be advaitin!), by learning couple of mahavakyas and studying sarva karma sanyasa, behavein this fashion.  For them, there is a proverb in telugu which runs as:"pulini chUsi nakka vAta peTTukundi". The translation is by watching the black beautiful stripes on the body of the tiger, poor fox thought of becoming as beautiful as tiger.Eventually, it called one of it's fellow fox and asked it toapply red hot iron rod on it's body so that by overnight
skinwould look as beautiful as that of tiger's.When the red hot iron rod was applied, unable to bear the heat, ran away injured.  Currently, the situation of so-called advaitins are like the above fox's situation.  Without proper foundation in vedanta, try to gain some knowledge by reading Bhagava Ramana's books, Maha Yogaby Who, I am that of Nisargadatta Maharaj, couple of papaji's booksand assume themselves to be equal to these noble souls. The result is ubhaya-bhraShTatva - karma & jnana bhraShTatva.Sriram
There is no burden aspect in taking care of one's parents.Infact,ones Parents can be taken care of much better
amd can be looked after them efficiently,without performing these meaningless rituals.If we go one chasing these samskaras the priests insist,then the parents have to be abandoned which is worse than admitting in the old age homes which are only for moneymaking.i would say that one can abandon all karmas and look after one's Parents!
It is not relevant that what HHChandrashekhara Bharathi swamiji told a person.The HH also has advised many to 
take care of one's parents,and infact he advised one of friends not to hurt one's Mother.Now it has become a fashion to quote a HH or sanyasi without even looking  on his own predicament and status.Sure,one cannot cut his tail,as in the proverbial Wolf which called to other wolves that he can see God if their tails are cut!
there is no need to display one's knowledge if the value of knowledge and its place is clearly known.No person who has some semblance of knowledge what the vedantha is about,will not return to the "Kumbhipaka"naraka and raurava naraka of performing karmas.What is the properfoundation in Vedantha?Is it flouting the upadesha of Sri.shankara Bhagawathpada and follow the selfish rituals?It is this mixture of karma that shankara fought in his life time.Do you know what kind of torture HH Chandrasekhara Bharathi underwent.Without knowing all these you are quoting HH!Even Bhagavan ramana Maharshi gave a worshipful place for his mother against all who crticised him by building the mathrubhuteshvara temple in Tiruvannamalai,now which stands for all to see.You read under what circumstances and opposition this was built.There is no eqality in realised souls.If one were to search for that he would end up in defeat!A Jivanmuktha is unique in his own right way!.There
 is no comparison there!.We know only parables.You are still in LKG level quoting from Garuda purana and other puranas,without moving up!There is no Ubhayabhrashtatva for those who giveup karmas and move royally to Jnana,as per Shankara.He vouchsafes for that.But,for one who is in bhranti,who says both must be followed,then he cannot escape this devil.You seem to cling to Karmakhandha because it is more cozy!there are no pramanas to substantiate this.
P.S:Since you have brought the issue of oldage homes,and quoting,"matrudevo bhava,Pitrudevo bhava etc,)I have to say this.I am the last child in a family which had 8 children.Being a son I could see what turmoil the family underwent.My father who was a scholar earned a small sum those days,when compared to the three figure,four figure,five figure,six figure salaries their sons are earning.I lost my father when I was 8 years old.I could see all the karmas the elders performed,which generated only sorrow for me.Now adays no one cries if some one dies in the family,but want to see that the body is disposed!What a sorry state of affairs in our Hindu Dharma!I come from a Samaveda background which requires elaborate rituals.These days Samaveda vidvans are not available,even if they are available they are not upto the sampradaya.All elders in my family,left,some overseas,some to other vocations,leaving my mother with me  to look after.I lived with my mother
 looking after her,and I had to perform her antya samskara.I could see the hypocrisis of the Purohits,their harassment,their non-sampradayik actions,and finally saying:
a mantra for the doshas in chanting the mantras.
"mantrahinam kriya hinam....etc.when the very chanting of the priest was mantrahinam and also with erroneous kriyahinam.
Let us worry about going along the right path without worrying about our progeny.They aill take care of themselves if we follow the right path.Afterall,the children emulate their parents.(Yadyaacharati shreshtah tatdeto tiarajanah).
Mr.Sriram,what is required today is humanism.Not the way of performing shraddhas or your rituals.If we have the heart of a human being the rest will take care of themselves.I am sure this is  for what our Sanatana dharma and the great Srishankara Bhagawathpada stood for.
One correction in your write up.HHChandrashekhara Bharathi was a Jivanmuktha and certainly,not an avadhutha.Read his life history from many sources available.If wedonot follow the instructions of SriShankara Bhagawathpada,our life will be a waste!It is not performing karmas,but to lookafter the aged and deseased parents is the duty of a son.Manu also says:
"Pitha rakshathi kaumare,bhartha rakshati yauvane
rakshanti sthavire putrah,na stree svatantra marhathi!!"
What happened to that dic of the doctrine of Hindu Dharma.Why,our people are going wayward?Is it not true that all the ills our country is undergoing,because of blindly following these rituals which have now become obsolete.What relief it would have been for our families if we had heeded SriShankaraBhagawathpada's advice,if we follow only the Jnanakandha.The mimamsakas have always been like that.They fattened themselves over others
by harassing the hapless Grahasthas.If you start taling about Srishankara over the karmas,they are dumb!These mimamsakas are parasites,and those who follow them are gullible people,as the Mundakopanishath sruthi says,'andenaniyamana yathandhah'.

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