[Advaita-l] Primacy of atmajnana

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These instructions of Bhagavan Veda VyAsa and Lord Krishna are the final
word in Vedanta:

*एतान्यपि तु कर्माणि* सङ्गं त्यक्त्वा फलानि च ।
*कर्तव्यानीति मे पार्थ निश्चितं मतमुत्तमम् *॥१८- ६॥
नियतस्य तु संन्यासः कर्मणो नोपपद्यते ।
मोहात्तस्य परित्यागस्तामसः परिकीर्तितः ॥१८- ७॥

Shankaracharya is also very firm on this.  In the Bh.Gita 4.20 Shankara

तेन एवंभूतेन स्वप्रयोजनाभावात् ससाधनं कर्म परित्यक्तव्यमेव इति प्राप्ते, ततः
निर्गमासंभवात् लोकसंग्रहचिकीर्षया शिष्टविगर्हणापरिजिहीर्षया वा पूर्ववत्
कर्मणि अभिप्रवृत्तोऽपि निष्क्रियात्मदर्शनसंपन्नत्वात् नैव किञ्चित् करोति

//This being so, api, even though; he remains abhi-pravrttah, engaged as
before; karmani, in actions-getting out of those (actions) being
impossible-, either with the intention of preventing people from going
astray or with a view to avoiding the censure of the wise people; sah, he;
eva, really; na karoti, does not do; kincit, anything, because he is endued
with the realization of the actionless Self. //

The real purport of the quoted Manu smRti can be understood only by
examining the context in which the verse occurs.


2011/9/26 श्रीमल्ललितालालितः <lalitaalaalitah at gmail.com>

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> lalitAlAlitaH <http://about.me/lalitaalaalitah/bio>*
> 2011/9/26 D.V.N.Sarma డి.వి.ఎన్.శర్మ <dvnsarma at gmail.com>
> > I want the members of the group to consider this sloka from Manusmriti.
> >
> > यथोक्तान्यपि कर्माणि परिहाय द्विजोत्तमः।
> > आत्मज्ञाने शमे च स्याद्वेदाभ्यासे च यत्नवान्।।
> >
> > This is not meant for a sanyasi because he does not have any
> > rituals enjoined on him.  This appears to be directed to grihasthas.
> >
> Correct.
> This is not for saMnyAsI for provided reason.
> But, it is not for a person who wants to stick to gR^ihastha-Ashrama too.
> The word parihAya shows that it saMnyAsa must occur before AtmaGYAnam.
> Shunning karma is not accepted without shunning Ashrama connected with it.
> I've not explained it according to any commentary, etc. I'm just following
> your line.

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