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Stalwarts of Advaita Vedanta such as Appayya Dikshita also took an interest in Mimamsa.  In fact Khandadeva refers to him as "Mimamsaka Murdhanya" - the dean of Mimamsakas.

Despite there differences on some topics, Mimamsa and Advaita Vedanta are deeply connected.

> It is this view which is perhaps responsible to include Buddha in the Hindu panthean.

unfounded speculation.

> In that case,will the ritual has validity,scripturally and vedically?

All those questions you put are covered in dharmashastras if you care to look.

> All these goes to show that these Priests follow "anukoola sindhu"for the purpose of extricating money!

This is the kind of jaundiced view that could come straight out of the mouth of a missionary.  I am shocked and saddened you could be so cynical. Kindly keep such nastika views away from advaita-l.

> Personally,I feel that if one has come to Vedanta which is the Jnana Kandha from the Karma Kandha,and is convinced of the Advaita siddhanta that the "Atman is Brahman and eternal",one need not continue to perform the shraddha to his ancestors.

Perform this experiment.  Next time you go to the bank for a mortgage or loan payment rip up the bill and tell the bank manager you are a vedantin so you don't have to pay.  See how far that gets you!  You are under a debt to the pitrs who gave you life and as long as you take advantage of the identity they gave you that debt must be paid.  It is only discharged by taking sannyasa -- i.e. actual physical renunciation of nama-rupa not mere "feelings" of Advaita.

-- Jaldhar H. Vyas 
Sri Jaldhar vyasji
I have read fully your above posting and have copied above the excerpts of your views.
Firstly,is the purpose of this list is to know the truth,or going round in riddles arguing about the karmakandha rituals etc.without knowing the core of the knowledge,which is advaita.I hope you have fully read my posting.What iam saying is :can we continue to get entangled in the cage of karmakandha performing the rituals without making an attempt towards knowing the Jnana kandha?when we have come to shankara again racking up Mandanamishra and others you are quoting,it is meaningless.I would like to state here shankara also is a mimamsaka who enquires into the karmakhandha questions and in his bhashyas has raised this matter again and again.I hope you are fully convesent with the bhashyas.What I said was not,"when one has come to vedantha which is jnana kandha from the karma kandha,and is convinced of the advaitha siddhantha that "atman is Brahman and eternal",one need not continue to perform the shraddha to his ancestors."What I said was,if one is
 convinced that the karma rituals is suffocating him and if one wants to fly out of the cage of karmakandha,should he still flutter helplessly in the karma cage?
Now,I come to your important question,regarding mortgage payment and tell the bank manager that iam vedantin etc.etc.as you have written :
Now I ask you two questions;1)I may be under debt to my pitris,so pitris will take care of it.who the hell is the bank manager?The repayment is between me and the pitris.I will take care of it.Whether it is by funds,or any other means who is the bankmanager to object to it.How is it solved by taking sanyasa.till now I was under darkness,and the compassion of a benevolent Guru has opened my eyes!He says,'you are free!You need not pay a thing!Then what happens?Should I continue paying the loan amount foolishly to the manager?
Finally I would like to ask you,What is physical renunciation of nama -rupa?Kindly explain.

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