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On Fri, 23 Sep 2011, kman wrote:

> We have read so much about "Attachment - Bondage" and how to get rid of it.
> Now you are creating Bondage for
> your progeny!

No the father is simply informing the progeny of the debt that is in place 
by the fact of human birth.  We are in debt to the Devas, Rshis, and Pitrs 
because it was due to all three that we were born.  The debt to the Devas 
is fulfilled by pujas, vratas etc.  The debt to the Rshis is fulfilled by 
learning shastras, and the debt to the pitrs is fulfilled by shraddha of 
which there are upto 96 occasions (though only the most dedicated practice 
all of them.)

What would be the point of not mentioning this?  Do you think we should 
not learn Vedanta?  After all if we didn't talk about bondage etc. then 
people would be unaware that they are deluded and ignorance is bliss 
right?  No actually ignorance is not bliss it is the cause of duhkha and 
ensnarement in samsara.

> and worry yourself after death will my kid do this or not!
> Will I attain Moksha or not etc. (what if the kid dies immediately after the
> father's death?)

You definitely should not worry but do your duty to inform your children 
of dharma.  To the results you should adopt a feeling of equanimity.  Your 
duty is to the work not the results -- this is karmayoga.

As for the kid, why should he do anything.  Homework for instance?  After 
all he could be hit by a bus die on the way to school.  Giving up dharma 
will not make death any less inevitable.  It is the realization that life 
in this world is fleeting that makes a mind mature and ready to accept 
dharma not for any reward but simply as duty and an offering to Bhagavan.

> Also I see some of you saying until you take Sanyasa you have to continue
> the karma, formalities etc.
> It is same as saying, after I realized that it is only rope and not snake,
> but I still have to keep fearing that it is snake until I take sanyasa.

It doesn't matter how loudly you proclaim the snake is a rope if you 
still keep treating it as a snake.  Actions speak louder than words.   You 
cannot selectively claim to renounce relgious karma while continuing to 
keep the karma of job, fancy house and car, computer etc.

> It is like saying I can use e=mc^2 only if I am a scintist.

How does one "use" a formula?  The formula is embedded in certain 
applications like nuclear power for which you better believe there are 
restrictions based on qualifications.

> So you keep learning all the fundamentals of Advaita and do not practice it
> until you become a sanyasi?

Learning is part of the practice.  Some rare people can change their point 
of view just like that.  Most however will need time.  The goal is 
sannyasa but the journey can still be beneficial even if the goal is not 
reached yet.

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