[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Vedas

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Thu Sep 22 01:32:27 CDT 2011

The answer to this problem is that when the sages were meditating the 
mantras of the Vedas appeared to them in a flash in their hearts. It may 
be that in this state of theirs they could neither see nor hear anything. 
The mantras must have appeared in a flash in the inner recesses of their 

Hare Krishna

Again here also it is not clear why different maNtra-s saying different 
things/order about most important aspects of veda-s like brahma & jagat. 
Does this mean veda maNtra-s showing/appearing differently to different 
seers about the 'SAME' subject??  how the prashnOpanishat rishi seen the 
different order of srushti from the rishi of Itareya??  how the same veda 
maNtra without maintaining consistency appeared differently to taitireeya 
& mundaka rishi-s respectively with regard to srushti ??  Dont you think, 
all these different account in veda maNtra-s with regard to same subject 
would force us to make a valid inference that :  different seers at 
different times realized that srushti is not pAramArthika and brahman is 
ekamAtra adviteeya.  And accordingly, to drive home this ultimate satya 
(brahma ekatva) different rishi-s given different account about srushti in 
their upanishads so that we would come to know that  'order of srushti' is 
not their priority but something else.  Is there any problem in thinking 
on these lines??  Kindly clarify.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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