[Advaita-l] Pitru Paksha Questions

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> If one is not able to perform the shrAddha, it is said that atleast on the day
> of shrAddha, one should remember their beloved parents and cry facing the south
> with a feeling of guilt.  This paschAttApa is enough to bring the grace of pitru devatas.
> Afterall, it is the love & affection towards our parents which is most important during
> the shrAddha (shraddhayA dIyatE iti shrAddhaH).

Who is a son ? Punnamno Narakat Trayate iti Putraha . He protects
parents from the Hell 'Put'. He is Putra.

Jeevator Vakyakaranat Sraaddhe Bhuripradanataha
Gayayam Pindadanacca Tribhih Putrasya Putrata |

1 When they are living he obeys parents  wishes and looks after them.
2 When they are gone he performs all rites and Sraddha gives lot of
Dana to Brahmins without being stingy. 3 He gives parents Pinda balls
in Gaya and other sacred places. These three things make a worthy son.



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