[Advaita-l] Sankara's praise of Buddha

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Is there any correspondence between the Buddha of Lalita vistara or
Buddha Charita and the puranic Buddha? Why are we so non-critical
about these spiteful puranic interpolations.


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> Namaste,
> ///
>  But when it comes to his siddhAnta and related matters, h
> //
> arihan is the vishnu maya that incarnated to dissuade the asuras from
> the path of dharma.  arihan "mislead" the asuras and paved the
> way for their dharma-chyuti.  Thus, Siva could easily annihilate
> those 3 asuras and became tripurAsurasaMhAra mUrti.
> The chAru-vAka teaching were meant to mislead the asuras
> and to prohibit them from performing vaidika karma kanda.
> This vishnu mAyA is something like the mOhini avatAra whose
> purpose was to mislead the asuras from partaking the nectar.
> So, naturally in the present generation, the "chAru-vAk" philosophy
> is very soothing to listen and practice.
> No sandhyavandana, no gayatri japa, no devatarchana,
> no vaisvadeva, no sthALipAka, no yAgAs & kratus,
> no sva-veda shAkha adhyayana ......isn't it.
> Is this not "chAru vAk" which would please so-called pseudo vedantins
> who are interested in "Who am I" enquiry.
> regs,
> sriram
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