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>> http://www.oldandsold.com/books/hindu/hindu-12.shtml
>>  A learned Hindu professor has said that : " Ancestor worship, in some
>> form or other, is the beginning, the middle, and the end of what is
>> known as the Hindu religion."
>> Taittiriya Upanisad has said Deva Pitru Karyabhyam Na Pramaditavyam
>> You should not neglect duties to the gods and ancestors.
>> But now people are neglecting Pitru Karmas. Sraddha is very important
>> Karma. What is Sraddha ? Pitrunuddishya Viprebhyo Dattam
>> Sraddhamudahrutam. Giving to Brahmins thinking it is for Pitrus is
>> Sraddha.
>> Some questions.
>> 1 If father is weak and not capable of performing Pitru Karmas can son
>> do them ? Can he do them with Pracinaviti  that is Apasavya position
>> in the sacred thread?
> The father can perform it in 'hiraNya shrAddham' mode in case of inability
> to perform in the detailed manner. There is nothing wrong for someone whose
> father is alive to have the upaveetam in prAchInAvIti for specific
> purposes.  In fact I have heard several learned vAdhyars clarifying that
> even during the daily pitR tarpaNam as part of brahmayajnam there is
> absolutely nothing wrong in  prAchInAvIti by those with fathers alive.  It
> is only out of wrong notions people fear prAchInAvIti when the father is
> alive.

What is Hiranya Sraddha? Kindly give details briefly. If father cannot
sit down due to arthritis can son do it?

>> 3 In some Sraddhas I did not notice Pani Homa  offerings made in the
>> right hand of Brahmin. Right hand of Brahmin has Agni in it. Homa is
>> performed in it. Agni Mukha Vai Devaha Panimukha Vai Pitaraha. For
>> gods food goes through Agni for Pitrus it goes through Brahmin.
>> Satisfaction of Brahmins is pleasing to Pitrus.  This Pani Homa is
>> compulsory or can be skipped?
> I think paNi homa is only for Rg vedis.  For yajur vedis homa is always
> performed as far as I have observed.

This is Pani Homa is Agnau Karana. Homa is done in Brahmin's right
hand. Kindly see how to do it on Youtube  -


Kindly see Brahmana Bhojana feeding food to Brahmins -


Kindly see Pinda Pradana video -


The three important parts of Sraddha are Agnau Karana , Brahmana
Bhojana  and Pinda Pradana .

Homascha Pindadanam Ca Tatha Brahmanabhojanam |
Shraddha Shabdabhidheyam Syat Ekasmin Aupacarikam |
>> 4 Some people say Sraddha must be performed in Mahalaya but some
>> people Sankalpa Sraddha can be performed in Pitru Paksha but some
>> people say Tarpana is enough no need to do even Sankalpa Sraddha. In
>> Sankalpa Sraddha there is no Pinda Pradana. In Tarpana only Tila and
>> water tarpana is offered. What is correct?
> This is mostly dictated by convenience and kula AchAra.  There are even
> those who perform shrAddham for the father and the mother during the pakSha
> on different tithis.  Some combine both by commissioning four brahmins
> (apart from the purohit) on a single day.

I dont think Kulacara can be used.  Because the Sraddha is a Vaidika
Karma from Grihya Sutras. It must be followed like any Vaidika Karma.
We cannot use our family customs.

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>> 5. What is Sakrun Mahalaya ?



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