[Advaita-l] cakra-s in patanjali yoga

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 20 00:53:09 CDT 2011

However, what many find problematic is that all yoga is 
a means to unite prakRti with purusha and that it is 
accomplished through raising the kuNDalinI from the mUlAdhAra 
to sahasrAra. In all the centuries of yoga and sAMkhya 
tradition, the emphasis has been that purusha and prakRti 
are two irreducible and separate principles. Liberation is
in the purusha realizing this fact and standing separate 
from being mixed up with prakRti (kaivalya). As such, it 
is completely novel, to say that yoga attempts to unite 
the two! 


I personally do not have any experience of kuNDalinI 
rising and reaching sahasAra, hence cannot comment on
how accurate such type of descriptions are.

What seems certain is:
1. cakra-s exit in our prANamaya body.
2. Normally, one is unaware of their existence and 
   functioning. May be, this absence of awareness
   of the cakra system, itself, is referred to 
   as "kuNDalinI is sleeping".
3. Some specific citta vRtti-s activate specific
   cakra-s. In these instants, one may become
   aware of the cakra system. It is likely that,
   this stirring of our awareness about the cakra
   system, itself, is referred to as "kuNDalinI
   waking up".
4. Once we become aware of mapping between cakra-s
   and citta vRtti-s, cakra system can become a 
   very valuable tool for "citta vRtti nirodha".

This limited application of kuNDalinI yoga, if at 
all we can call the description above kuNDalinI 
yoga, in my opinion, is not against the spirit of
yoga sUtra-s.

hari om.

Comments/ corrections from people with more experience
of cakra-s are most welcome. If some advanced shrIvidyA
upAsaka-s could also comment on this topic, it will be 
most helpful.


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