[Advaita-l] temple

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Sep 20 00:09:18 CDT 2011

Prof. SK Ramachandra Rao Ji has written a short article on this subject. 
Apart from this, he has done extensive research on various subjects and 
temple iconography is one among them.  Several voluminous books
have been published by him under "kosa" series.  You can contact his
son Dr. Sudarshan by visiting their website.  
Here is the article:
AFIK, advaita acharyas didn't write anything on temple architecture.  Afterall, advaita echoes with the bhAvana 
"dEhO dEvAlayaH prOktO jeevO dEvaH sanAtanaH / tyajEt ajnAna nirmAlyaM sOhaM bhAvEna pUjayEt"

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