[Advaita-l] Looking for two Kannada songs

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 12:40:30 CDT 2011

During a speech Dr.ShatAvadhAni R.Ganesh mentioned about a composition of
Sri Purandaradasa which starts with the words 'vaikuNTha koogaLathe doora'
(VaikunTha is only a call away).  I wish to read / hear the full song.

Another song of the same composer that I am looking for to hear/read is:
'illE vaikunThava kANiro' (realize/perceive vaikunTha here itself, i.e. in
this world itself).

These two songs suggest to me that there is really no such place called
VaikunTha in geographical space.  It is only a concept of perfection -
without any 'kunTha' - defects/ unimpeded.



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