[Advaita-l] Yoga sutra 1.7 - with commentaries

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@ shiva senani ji,
As always you posted the thing needed. Thank you for posting these words.

@ omkar,
As it is clear that :
shabda, anumAna, etc. depend on pratyaxa to take birth
shabda gains validity only when it is said by specific person who has
knowledge of things to be said by pratyxa or anumAna.
So, it appears that shabda gains validity from pratyaxa or anumANa - in
vAchaspati's view.

But, this will bring a well explained problem, i.e,
How did you know that Ishvara, who knows everything  which is said by words
called veda-s by pratyaxa, exist ?
>From veda.
How could you say that veda-s, telling about truth, are valid ?
Because they were said by Ishvara.
So, interdependency will prove veda-s apramANa and Ishvara extinct.

Although, it appears as vAchaspati is telling pratyaxa, etc. of vaktA as
source of validity of shabda; the correct explanation is - it's
Apta-vaktA(vaktA equipped with pratyaxa, karuNA, etc.) who is cause of
validity. Both are almost same but not totally.  But, both are far away from
'pratyaxa, etc. are cause of validity of shabda'.

Another thing to see is that :
pratyaxa is of two types : pramA and bhrama.
You definitely will not say that shabda gains validity from pratyaxa-bhrama
of vaktA.
So, pratyaxa-pramA remains cause of validity of shabda.
Now the question is how do you determine that the pratyaxa which is basis of
validity of shabda was pramA ?
Definitely not because it is pratyaxa. I've already explained the cause.
So, if you are a true believer of vAchaspati you will never believe many or
any shabda, including that which tells that a specific lady is your mother.

Another objection for yogin-s who believe veda-s and Ishvara :
veda-s may be uttered by Ishvara but they were definitely not created by him
as say veda-s themselves : vAcA vIrUpanityayA, yo brahmANam vidadhAti
pUrvam, etc.
So, veda-s don't depend on a person, called Ishvara, who is just repeating
it .

If one (some scientist, etc.) says, we don't accept Ishvara and will like to
use theory of yogin-s only.
read above again 'Another thing to see is that : pratyaxa is of two types
and other things said elsewhere for proving that pratyaxa should not be
favored due to blind faith because it will lead you to wrong results.

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