[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Vedas

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Hare Krishna

For  His creation of the Vedas without effort there is cited Scripture 
Mahato BhUtasya (Br.Up 2.4.10)” 

>  without effort lord exhaled not only veda but also somany other things 
including purANa & itihAsa. Same maNtra says about this and complete 
maNtra has been given by Sri Vidya prabhuji. 

Even by those who recognize the Eternality of letters (Mimamsakas) the 
non-eternality of words and 
sentences must be admitted. A word is indeed composed of letters 
differentiated by sequence. A sentence is similarly composed of words 
sequentially arranged and differentiated. Letters themselves are eternal
 and can have no temporospatial relationship – 

>  I am not able to get the intent of this purport, is he talking about 
ekAkshara praNAva as eternal or all the letters of veda maNtra-s ??

but not so in the case of  words, as they are defined by sequence, which 
latter is a property of 
manifestation, and hence non-eternal. And similar it is for sentences 

>  again, lost track!!  does bhAmatikAra mean to say exhaled or Ishwara's 
created mantra-s are sequentially arranged & differentiated in a 
particular order but prior to that veda maNtras' eternal letters were 
haphazardly arranged?? 

The Jaimaniyas – who do not believe in a creation or destruction – teach a 
beginning-less and 
uninterrupted transmission of the VedA like ourselves. BUT those in the 
tradition of VyAsA, 

> vyAsa's tradition is different from bhAmatikAra's tradition??  But dont 
we recognize vyAsa in our saMpradAya??  or is this vyAsa somebody else?? 
not clear pls. clarify.

hold that though, according to the doctrine of 
creation and destruction, established in the Scriptures (Shruti, Smrti),
 the Supreme Self, due to His association with beginning-less avidyA,

>  Is it vyAsa's tradition identifies avidyA with supreme brahman for 
creation & destruction?? 

 is omnipotent and omniscient, is the Creator of the VedAs, but is not 
entirely independent in respect to them, as He has to faithfully 
reproduce their sequence in such manner as to conform to the earlier 
ones….The Jaimaniyas too prefer to interpret apauruseyatva as 
signifiying the absence of freedom for the One who creates..and this 
matches with our interpretation as well albeit for a different reason.

>  Kindly pardon me what is that different reason not clear to me..pls. 

That alone is worthy of faith when revealed by him, who possesses true 
knowledge and is free from all defects, even though he is but one. 

>  What is the difference between this stand and that of nyAya??  The only 
difference as I could see is absence of freedom while exhaling the veda-s 
& he has to act according to who??  which guidelines he would follow?? 
Moreover, this stand (i.e. Ishwara is veda karta)does not escape 
anyOnyAshraya dOsha..veda-s cannot be taken as to be the word of Ishwara 
before the existence of Ishwara is itself established is it not??  And if 
we say the veda-s are the pramANa to establish the Ishwara then it would 
be an argument within the circle of anyOnyAshraya dOsha.  How to get rid 
of this problem to prove Ishwara's regulated exhalation of veda-s? Please 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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