[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Vedas.

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On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:27, srinivasan krishnamoorthy <ksri2006 at gmail.com
> wrote:

> i dont
> think Adi.shankara has made us to indulge in such kind of argumentative
> explanations

This is your thinking. We know him otherwise.
He doesn't want us to indulge us in 'useless arguments' .
And we are definitely not in any useless thing.

> ...this is the case only with scholars...

So, what do idiots do.

> and not with
> commoners....

Commoners always blame scholars, because they can't understand them.

> which will ultimately bring nothing but sheer dis-satisfaction

Just to people like you.

> and am ok u r not ok philosophy...deviating from the primrose path of
> Adi.shankars advaitam...

We know what advaitam is and what it needs to achieve.
We need not learn it from a 'commoner'.
How could a layman expect to teach correct path to specialists ?

> learned are those who make  too much noises about
> nothing...

Actually you failed to grasp subject of our 'noise'. We were making noise
about apauruSheyatvam and not about 'nothing'.

> and the ignorant are those of  six minus six who make revered and
> silent approach in following the enshrined principles without questioning
> the authority of adi.shankara..or vedas ..

We can see your silence but it was out of reverence or ignorance is not
determined, even when you are telling.

> its not that they are not capable
> of attaining any brilliance but the brilliants are the one who always spun
> and shy away their efforts in knowing the Brahmatvam...

Then please maintain your silence. Don't break it ever again.

> am one such am not
> highly qualified philosopher, or a scholar or a samskrit pundit as many
> pose
> to be here

Yea, you are a commoner, I remember.
You are great. You know that others are posing. I smell same with you. You
are posing as greater than scholars.

> ... to share my views...atleast am interested in knowing about
> what is not known to me hiterto...

You don't know about pramANa, prAmANya, apauruSheyatva, etc. and their
importance in vedAnta and sha~Nkara's view.

> would you all give me an opportunity to
> learn more about advaitam

Are you forcing us to teach you ?
We don't teach a person who just utters anything and understands nothing.

> than indulging and wasting time on such frivolous
> arguements on  aparusheyatvam ...

Don't ever try to waste time of scholars here with you useless words.
We better know what to do and what to not.

> to say simply....Brahamsatyam JagnMithya,
> Jivo Brahmaiva na aparah... !!! is just sufficient to understand the
> divinity in this life ....

So, you have understood and taught us.
And you were posing to learn something from us.
See problems with in you.

I've to say one thing specially for you :
Keep away from such discussions and don't read them. We like minded people
know value of discussion and sha~Nkara too. We enjoy explaining his view and
testing his every statement. We are definitely not forcing you to read and
be disturbed.
And always remember that it's a discussion group of advaita vedAnta
according to veda-s and sha~Nkara. We have no interest in discussing
according to you.

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