[Advaita-l] Apaurusheyatva of Vedas.

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Sir - abaadhita is already implied in the very pramANa definition. Thanks for pointing out that I missed to restate again.
Hari Om!

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> Vedas are pramANa not because they are apoursheyam but they provide the
> knowledge that cannot be obtained by other pramANas.

One people told you about a ghost which is not known by you with any
pramANa. Are you going to set pramANa tag with that word ?
So, we need abAdhitatvam too. You told this but not here.
Again, what if we have doubt about character of the person uttering veda-s.
You can not determine that veda-s are pramANa in that case, even if they
actually are. So, you need to shatter away that doubt too. And that is done
by tagging it apauruSheya.
So, veda-s are pramAna because they are apauruSheya.

For rest of your post :
Your problem is that you don't even think about other parts of veda which
don't say anything about brahma-GYAnam
You take is granted that oneness is a fact without fixing validity of
veda-s, who first told you about that, prior to it. How can you expect to
accept something without fixing validity of only pramANa telling about it ?
Again, I leave it for others to explain. They are really good at it. ;)
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